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bloggings by lifeone: part time dj/producer. full time hip hop nerd. stunts, blunts, & hip hop + sex, drugs, and rock n' roll. live and direct from the brooklyn zoo. finish your cereal crew. XBS/KTT familia. sweat the technique on & reverbnation & soundcloud.

so basically, boom.


“Hailing from the Dirty Dirty South, Lifeone has rocked parties from Austin to Miami with his mix of hip hop, indie, electro, and funk jams.”

NY Press - New York Press (Jun 23, 2010

“10 x CMJ 2011 Beat Recommends: Womp it out with these 10 beatwizards Louisiana-born, Brooklyn-based DJ Lifeone has been hard at work producing for fellow Brooklynite and rapper A.C. With an ear tuned to hip-hop, DJ Lifeone effortlessly mixes rap with the Cure with a little bit of womp and scratch.”

Elissa Stolman - CMJ (Oct 14, 2011)

"CMJ Buffet: Artists And Their Spirit Sandwiches Our CMJ artists reveal what sandwich they would be (if they were a sandwich)" Here at CMJ, we ask all the hard-hitting questions to get right to the bottom of what a new artist is all about. That is why we asked CMJ 2011ers to tell us what sandwich they would be, if they were a sandwich. Hey Lifeone—remember the sandwich shop Silas worked at in Weeds? That’s probably Kreayshawn’s favorite sandwich.

Lifeone (Brooklyn, NY): Whatever Kreayshawn’s favorite sandwich is, so she could put me in her mouth. Sorry Mom!"

Elissa Stolman - CMJ (October 17, 2011)


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    "Land of the Crooks" - Sean P, Billy Danze, & Maffew Ragazino from the upcoming Coalmine Records compilation Unearthed. Produced by M-Phazes, with cuts by DJ Babu.

    Sean Price - Bar-Barian (Explicit)

    sean price for the tko - str8 music off of the new album “mic tyson”


    June 7th Free Duck Down Show at Betsy Head Park Brooklyn NY !

    i’ve been busy with work lately, hence the no updates. but i guess if you were really trying to stay up on hip-hop, you’d be reading, anyway.

    so, king cake and i went to check out the teddy king/maffew ragazino/mr. muthafuckin’ exquire/phonyppls/smif n wess/sean p/duck down crew show last night.

    heres what i have to say:

    teddy king: rocked the party and killed it for maffew’s DOPE set!

    maffew: is it me or does this cat get better everytime i see him? killed it.

    mr. muthafuckin’ exquire joined maffew to rock, which he did and then some.

    phony ppls: i think these kids were like 13-16. and they killed it on some synth player/m audio/dj shit. kids were singing, rapping, and all that. imagine the roots crossed with the pharcyde. in middle school. dope.

    smif n wessun: consumate professionals, engaged the crowd, rocked old and new, joints, had the crowd (including me) eating out of their hands.

    sean P: killed it, rock joined him for some heltah skeltah joints, siiiick.

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    Random Axe - “Chewbacca” feat Roc Marciano

    Can anyone on this track touch Sean Price?

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