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so basically, boom.


“10 x CMJ 2011 Beat Recommends: Womp it out with these 10 beatwizards Louisiana-born, Brooklyn-based DJ Lifeone has been hard at work producing for fellow Brooklynite and rapper A.C. With an ear tuned to hip-hop, DJ Lifeone effortlessly mixes rap with the Cure with a little bit of womp and scratch.”

Elissa Stolman - CMJ (Oct 14, 2011)

“Hailing from the Dirty Dirty South, Lifeone has rocked parties from Austin to Miami with his mix of hip hop, indie, electro, and funk jams.”

NY Press - New York Press (Jun 23, 2010

"CMJ Buffet: Artists And Their Spirit Sandwiches Our CMJ artists reveal what sandwich they would be (if they were a sandwich)" Here at CMJ, we ask all the hard-hitting questions to get right to the bottom of what a new artist is all about. That is why we asked CMJ 2011ers to tell us what sandwich they would be, if they were a sandwich. Hey Lifeone—remember the sandwich shop Silas worked at in Weeds? That’s probably Kreayshawn’s favorite sandwich.

Lifeone (Brooklyn, NY): Whatever Kreayshawn’s favorite sandwich is, so she could put me in her mouth. Sorry Mom!"

Elissa Stolman - CMJ (October 17, 2011)

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    The new street single from Skyzoo & Torae: “All In Together” feat. Sean Price & Guilty Simpson, produced by Black Milk. The album “Barrel Brothers” hits stores and itunes on 5/27. And if you’re in NYC make sure to catch the album release party at SOBs the night of 5/27 as well. Twitter: @Skyzoo / @Torae
    -heads up from 2dopeboyz

    Army of the Pharaohs “God Particle” gets the remix treatment from the “Live from the Streets” team of Mr. Green and Sam Lipman-Stern.

    Army of the Pharaohs new album “In Death Reborn” available April 22nd on Enemy Soil.

    look whose ridiculous image made the tumblr login screen!
    peep the blog i made it for here.
    and the music project here.

    **** Downloadable individually tracked version now available here—>

    This month marks the passing of the lauded rapper Notorious B.I.G. and to honor his legacy, New York resident DJ Finesse debuted a special tribute during DJ Premier’s Sirius/XM show “Live From Headqcourterz” on March 8.

    The mix showcases Biggie’s acapellas paired with Premier-produced beats. While the original tribute was shortened for air-time, Finesse extends the tribute for hip-hop fans here with a special intro by Premier himself.

    DJ Premier’s “Live From Headqcourterz” airs every Friday night from 10 p.m. to 12 a.m. on Sirius/XM Channel 44, Hip Hop Nation. DJ Finesse is a regular guest on the show, filling in for Premier as an on-air mixer.

    01 - DJ Premier Intro
    02 - Flava In Ya Ear rmx over I Gave You Power
    03 - Big Poppa over Ex To Next Girl
    04 - Dead Wrong over 2 Thousand
    05 - 10 Crack Commandments over One Day
    06 - Who Shot Ya over Come Clean
    07 - All About The Benjamins over Supa Dupa Star (1994 Demo Version)
    08 - One More Chance over Recognize
    09 - Long Kiss Goodnight over You Know My Steez
    10 - Things Done Changed over The Format
    11 - I Got A Story To Tell over Shit Is Real
    12 - Real Niggas over Ready
    13 - Juicy over Nas Is Like
    14 - One More Chance rmx over Freaky Flow
    15 - Warning (Freestyle) over Mind Ya Business
    16 - ‘95 Freestyle (7 Mac 11’s) over Who Got Gunz
    17 - Victory over Project Boy
    18 - Kick In The Door over Come Get Me
    19 - Going Back To Cali over The Invincible
    20 - Mo Money Mo Problems over Golden Child
    21 - Party And Bullshit over Now Your Mine
    22 - Unbelievable


    "Rashad was a kind soul that left an indelible mark on the music world as the torchbearer of footwork and juke."

    RIP DJ Rashad

    (via npr)

    Have you heard the Cocorosie/Danny Brown remixes, CocoBrown?



    Um, yea and its horrible


    these were always my favorite part of mondays, think we can talk big boi in to dropping a few more?

    CocoBrown on Bandcamp

    wednesday 4/9/2014

    533 jefferson st.
    lafayette, la.


    live pa mpc/apc/adp/ableton/records/mixing/scratching
    (but who cares what we’re doing; vodka is 2 for1 all night long.)

    sxsw. troublesome. 

    going to be playing this joint on thursday, then playing a couple showcases for sxsw in austin, more info on those friday…

    Run The Jewels - Run The Jewels [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

    Danny Brown - “Grown Up on the Moon” (Cocobrown Remix)

    Danny Brown “Grown Up” x CocoRosie “The Moon Asked the Crown”
    off of the CocoBrown project. (featuring cocorosie x action bronson x danny brown.)

    download for free at

    produced by lifeone and d-ron swanson.

    R.A. The Rugged Man debuts the CD-quality version of the exclusive bonus track “It’s Gone”, off the cassette tape edition of his new album “Legends Never Die.”

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